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Wedding and event barn in Paradise, Texas

In 2013, we bought the property in Paradise in hopes that one day we could retire in its peaceful and gorgeous surroundings.

When our daughter got engaged, there was no question our property would be the perfect place to host her wedding. We chose the hill overlooking the pond as the perfect location for this momentous event, naming it Wedding Hill. With the large mature oak tree as the backdrop, the wedding was breathtaking despite the torrential downpour. The experience inspired us to share this one-of-a-kind location with others. As Christians, giving back to our community means a lot to us. Building a wedding venue seemed like the best way to celebrate life and love in a way that was inclusive and meaningful.

Through prayer and careful consultation with multiple experts, we built the Barn on the edge of Wedding Hill overlooking our magical pond. We feel blessed to be able to share this special place with you. Whether it’s a wedding, a corporate, school or church event, or a banquet or family reunion, we’re sure you’ll enjoy celebrating your event with us here at Paradise Place.

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