Wedding and event barn in Paradise, Texas

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is included in the venue rental?

See our offerings page for everything that is included in your venue rental.

Do you have chairs?  If so, how many?

We have 300 white iron farm chairs.

What are we responsible for at the end of the evening?

All of your belongings must be out by 11:30pm Fridays and Saturdays, 10:30pm Sundays.  You are also responsible for taking out all the trash to the dumpster onsite.

How long do I have access to the venue?

10:30am to 11:30pm on Fridays and Saturdays.  Sundays are 10:30am to 10:30pm and Monday – Thursday are 10:30am to 10pm.

Do we have to hire security?

Yes, even if you aren’t serving alcohol.  You must hire security through Decatur Police Department.  Call Daniel Sandate at (940) 399-6060.

What can we use for sendoff?

No dyed flower petals, paper or fabrics.  No artificial flower petals.  Anything used must be biodegradable and picked up off the grounds immediately following.  Sparklers are permitted.  However, they must be 9 feet away from the barn and extinguished immediately.  We follow Wise County’s laws regarding Burn Bans – this changes daily so please consult their website for the most up to date information.

Can I park my car in the circle drive?

No.  The circle drive is for drop offs and pick ups only.  As soon as you are finished, you are required to move your vehicle to the parking lot.

Do the drapes inside the Barn come down?

The drapes are not removeable.  

Do you offer room flips?

Yes.  However, the fee is $350.00.

Can groomsmen fish?

Yes!  They are required to bring their own fishing poles and we participate in catch and release to let our fish grow bigger.  Once guests start arriving, all fishing must cease.  As a reminder, no guests may swim.

What is required of our vendors?

All vendors on property must hold business insurance.  They are required to email their copy on insurance to us 45 days prior to your event.  In addition to insurance, all vendors are required to return a signed “Vendor Agreement Form”.  All bartending companies must be TABC licensed.  All catering companies must also hold Food Handlers Permits.

Do we need to have wedding day insurance?

Yes, you are required to have wedding day insurance.  We recommend the following companies: EventHelper.com, WedSure.com and WedSafe.com.

Can my guests park overnight?

No overnight parking is permitted.

What kind of décor is permitted?

No nails or staples in the walls.  Florists may use floral wire or zip ties.

How many guests do the benches seat at Wedding Hill?

175 to 200.  If you have more guests, the white iron farm chairs may be used behind the benches for overflow seating.

Are open flames permitted?

No, all candles must be in votives.

Are glass bottles permitted?

Unfortunately, no.  

What furniture is included in the Foyer?

The following is included:
-6 foot round distressed table underneath the chandelier
-Decorative bird cage – florists may use greenery
-2 balloon chairs and end table
-6 foot light stained rectangular table – typically used for gift drop off
-We also have 1 six foot antique cart table that is inside the main part of the Barn.   This is typically used for cakes.  This must be cleaned up at the end of the evening – please do not leave icing and crumbs on this table after your event.

Do you offer any rentals?

8-foot farmhouse tables ($125, plus tax – we have 5 in stock)-LOVE marque sign ($175, plus tax) and day of wedding coordinator $700.  We also offer a package of Day of coordinator, 2 Farmhouse tables and the LOVE marque sign for $1,000, a savings of over 10%. Our newest addition is our bar trailer named Copper Rose!

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